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Harsha Koda's bad experience with Kipling Cafe

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  Quote agnisharman Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Topic: Harsha Koda's bad experience with Kipling Cafe
    Posted: 19 August 2012 at 4:21am
This is the original content from the link



I publish this here, just in case the restaurant influences the Moderators of CFG Facebook page to delete the thread



How to destroy your restaurant with attitude!

2 days ago we had some guests over and so we ordered home some food from Kipling Chennai - a pizza and some starters. 

Mind you, this was not the first time we have experienced Kipling. In the past we have been to the restaurant and eaten the international menu... and more recently ordered something from the Indian (Kipling Masala) menu for delivery. 

The food is expensive, but the ambience is good, especially with all the little huts. Though they don't have a bar, last time I went to pick up some tandoori stuff I also noticed that they have started to serve some beer.

But they have a problem... a real big problem. If you complain about the food or the service... they throw back some attitude at you. I guess it comes from the fact that the staff think they are 'the happening place' because of all the foreigners who frequent the place. I wonder what the owners have to say about this?

Anyway, coming back to my story... the food arrived an hour later (even more actually) and it was cold - ice cold I would say. The delivery boy says "It got cold because the food was sitting in the kitchen and we were too busy to deliver it... we had lots of guests". 

"Ok.... so why did you take the order? Call the manager I want to talk to him."

The manager, Hari, had an an even bigger attitude - probably in proportion to his pay scale, and he is even more rude. After some 10 minutes of nonsense on the phone where Hari, who is constantly in a hurry to collect his money, continues to justify the delay in delivery and makes it seem like things like this happen all the time. He offered to 'replace the food', but with the clock nearing 11 and we hardly had a choice in the matter... and with no guarantee of it being delivered on time... or being delivered at all. 

All other restaurants would have already closed orders and the situation with my guests was getting more and more embarrassing. 

I told Hari - "This is not the right attitude... come tomorrow morning and collect he money... and you please come personally, because I want to see your face... I really want to meet the person who has this attitude in the service industry."

The whole of yesterday there was no sign of him. 

I called some friends to find out if anyone knew the people behind Kipling. After having lived in Chennai for so long and being one of the earliest members of the Chennai Food Guide I was bound to find someone who knew the Kipling owners and surely there was... Someone gave me Gomathy's number and I texted her that I wanted to mail/talk to her about the experience at Kipling. There was no reply but there was a call - not from her... not from the manager... but a nice gentleman who introduced himself as the "Inspector of Neelankarai"

Apparently the manager has lodged a complaint that we ate his food and did not pay. When I explained to the inspector what had transpired, he was surprised and said the manager had told him the story differently. He also said he will send the manager to meet me and apologize and collect the payment. 

I wonder of Gomathy or Patrick read this forum? What do they have to say?
· Friday at 11:53pm near Chennai
    • Vinay Aravind Whoah, this is crazy! I was very fond of the food at Kipling but this certainly does paint them in a horrible light. One of the most shocking stories I've heard about a restaurant in Chennai.
    • Sneha Bhattacharjee Sinha Oh My God! Never knew such things happen!
      Yesterday at 12:09am · 0150991555106776 10150991555106776"
    • Prathap Gandhi WT...? Harsha Koda : Thats terrible!Will never recommend this place to any of my friends.
      Yesterday at 12:12am · 0150991562181776 10150991562181776" · 1
    • Karthik Ganapathi oops , waz abt to reko kipling for the ambience (even though i havent been ter) to a kolleague who is visiting from the UK. good thing i skipped it !!!
      Yesterday at 12:13am · 0150991562991776 10150991562991776"
    • Cheryl Rajkumar Atrocious! Had the cheek to go to the police with a twisted story.
    • Sethumadhavan Napan this is atrocious
      Yesterday at 12:30am · 0150991594161776 10150991594161776"
    • Praveen Kumar ‎@CFGians : why not we come up with a list of 'Restaurants with worst attitude"
      Yesterday at 12:49am · 0150991622396776 10150991622396776" · 4
    • Chandrakanth Ag Oops...How stupidity this is?... Never ever to Kipling going forward!
      Yesterday at 12:53am · 0150991628996776 10150991628996776"
    • Fahima Hilal Messing up with food happens in the best of restaurants but a messed up attitude is unacceptable!!
      Yesterday at 12:59am · 0150991639611776 10150991639611776" · 2
    • Munira Khasamwala omg... but y am i not surprised.. had a very bad experience with them too..they offered ti gimme a discount the next time i go as i complained sooo much. But there's neva gonna be a next time there.
      Yesterday at 1:01am via mobile · 0150991642706776 10150991642706776" · 2
    • Ramya N Subramanian Did anyone turn up to apologize? My guess would be that their ego got in the way... They don't sound like the apologizing kind based on your experience!
      Yesterday at 1:49am · 0150991726686776 10150991726686776" · 1
    • Nabarun Ghosh I did an event there recently for a client and actually thought of going there with family cause the ambience was nice. But after this NO WAY !
      Yesterday at 2:10am via mobile · 10150991758071776 10150991758071776"Un · 3
    • Shriram Venkataramanan Kipling Murdabaad!!! I had a not so similar but embarrassing time with the staff when I was at their restaurant recently..
      Yesterday at 2:14am · 0150991764756776 10150991764756776" · 1
    • Vijay Rajagopalan wow, sorry u had to go through this hideous drama. Never heard police getting involved!!! I have plans to go there tomorrow LOL hmmm, should I get an anticipatory bail?
      Yesterday at 2:20am · Edited · 10150991773766776 10150991773766776"Un · 12
    • Shriram Venkataramanan Oh MAN.. relax.. u have many other restaurants in chennai to substitute.. Hope you have a good day.. :)
      Yesterday at 2:23am · 0150991779011776 10150991779011776"
    • Shriram Venkataramanan And, buddy.. do call me if you need a suggestion.... )9381016325.. :) :)
      Yesterday at 2:26am · 0150991784001776 10150991784001776" · 1
    • Kamla Ravikumar Touch wood I 've been there a few times but never had any such experiences so far.Just love the ambience.Yes, the wait for food is long but once you know about it we go prepared to wait since the starters come fast.The manager comes and chats with each table and is very friendly.Maybe the staff have changed recently.I've been there only on Sunday mornings, for lunch.
      Yesterday at 8:04am · 0150992252796776 10150992252796776"
    • Divya Ninan-Eapen Woah, complaining to the the police is outrageous.. Not done at all!Always went there only for the ambience!
      Yesterday at 8:08am · Edited · 0150992257536776 10150992257536776" · 1
    • Giridharan Kesavan This is horrible. You never had a problem making a payment - just that you wanted to see the manager. Don't worry - we can do more damage here than by going to the police or media or elsewhere.
      Yesterday at 8:16am · 10150992272401776 10150992272401776"Un · 3
    • Kumar Kr That's pathetic. I have experienced their attitude...but didn't know they could stoop down to such levels. My thumbs down to this place.
      Yesterday at 8:44am · 10150992318326776 10150992318326776"Un · 3
    • Harini Sriram Wow!! This is horrible. I've been there a couple of times and I hate the place - it's so pretentious and the service, pathetic. Places like these think they can survive on their loyal ex pat clientele, and that locals do not deserve good service. It's outrageous, what happened to you though. Complaining to the police and distorting the story is just plain ridiculous!
      23 hours ago · 10150992381646776 10150992381646776"Un · 3
    • Rashmi Raman It's an overrated place because of the expats frequenting the place and really there's nothing hot about the ambience ... Just some shacks and terrible on a hot day for lunch ...because there is no ÄC option .... I guess it looks quaint in the evening . The continental prawns was total crap . Indian food we ordered was good .
      23 hours ago via mobile · 0150992396226776 10150992396226776" · 1
    • Anita Nandini Its expensive and the food sucks and the ambience loosk like some raj hang over ..agree wth rashmi... its not worth patronising the place and its good you posted your experience here.
      23 hours ago · 0150992399201776 10150992399201776" · 1
    • Sam Sharma All expat joints have this problem. The few Indian joints that expats like , do not have this problem. Food is usually good in the latter case.
      23 hours ago · 0150992404891776 10150992404891776"
    • Sujata Vijay Omg ,what the hell, that's crazy, I agree apart from the ambience there is nothing to that place anyways
      23 hours ago via mobile · 0150992406216776 10150992406216776"
    • Doc Waz Nasty!
      23 hours ago · 0150992412186776 10150992412186776"
    • Zahida Javaid Good Lord. Horrible service n to top it attitude.. Ek tho chori upar se seena zori... Their downfall has started...
      22 hours ago via mobile · 0150992544291776 10150992544291776" · 5
    • Gayathri Manoj Thanks for the update! And saving me from having to visit Kipling.
      20 hours ago via mobile · 0150992650361776 10150992650361776" · 1
    • Gayathri Rajendran A police complaint for this.! so cheap...wil never consider this place...
      18 hours ago via mobile · 10150992756421776 10150992756421776"Un · 2
    • Bharat Somani Don't want to make this a bashing session but I really think we need to get some of these owners... especially on ECR/OMR side and teach them what service means and what attitude needs to go with it. Kiplings is not the only one with bad service and worse attitude!
      17 hours ago · 10150992784631776 10150992784631776"Un · 2
    • Shanthaa Raghunath Somebody from Kipling pls respond.
      17 hours ago via mobile · 0150992785716776 10150992785716776"
    • Sam Sharma So, did he finally come ? How has the story ended ?
      14 hours ago · 0150993008451776 10150993008451776"
    • Kamla Ravikumar I wonder if you could post all your complaints on their website.....
      14 hours ago · 0150993015861776 10150993015861776"
    • Karthik Murali H they were the one who called the police.. why would they reply here or in their website...
      14 hours ago · 10150993017276776 10150993017276776"Un · 1
      Agni Sharman Crippling?
      13 hours ago via mobile · 0150993065131776 10150993065131776" · 3
    • Akhil Singh Agreed. Been to the one towards ECR. 
      Food was very, very average. 
      Price was very, very high.

      Been suggesting everything otherwise than Kipling.
      13 hours ago · 0150993093746776 10150993093746776"
    • Harsha Koda 
      Here is the update...

      Firstly... It felt good to see all the support... from everyone who reacted to this post either on Facebook or by calling me in person... my phone simply hasn't stopped ringing from the morning. I did not know I had s
      o many friends following me... thanks.

      I was hoping to connect with the person on whose desk 'the buck stops' but that has not happened till now.

      I reached out to several people since the incident and was only able to speak to a dear friend of mine, who, even I did not know till just now, is 'close to the people at Kipling'. She was told the 'managers version' of the story earlier today. Apparently someone at Kipling has been reading the posts here on CFG and are very concerned about the way people are venting out their feelings against Kipling.

      They told her that 'some guy called Harsha had been writing bad things about Kipling' she did not connect the name with me till she saw my message trying to reach out to her. Obviously she knows me well and could not, or would not, associate 'this Harsha' with writing bad things.

      Anyway, coming back to the story, I spoke with her, a few minutes ago and she was surprised to hear my version of the story. The manager never told her that I was willing to pay... he apparently told Gomathy (or whoever) that someone had eaten food and not paid for it and so we have to call the cops. He never told anyone that all I wanted was to meet him in person. Also, he never told her that the reason the customer was angry was because he delivered cold food and quantified it by saying that the food had been sitting on the kitchen counter for a while because they were 'busy with in-house guests'.

      Apparently, she told me, a lot of people (especially IT people) are running away without paying their bills at Kipling and other restaurants on ECR. Has anyone heard about this? I have never heard of this. Also, have you ever heard of policemen getting involved in things like this? I have never heard of this as well.

      In all the years that I have been eating at restaurants in Chennai I have always found that there is always a manager/owner/stake-holder who is interested in feedback/brickbats and never have they reacted this way... never called even the watchman or security - leave alone cops. This has to be a really unique case!

      The funny thing is, that in the whole process, none of them made an effort to contact me... the manager did not call me the next morning (he had my number)... and neither did the stakeholders... he did not come home (he had my address). I made the effort to reach out to them the next day... what more was I supposed to do?

      For 24 hours I waited for them to come home and collect the money... or call me at least... but even when I reached out to them they did not bother to respond, but chose to call the cops. Only after the cops called did I vent out my feelings online... and that has apparently made them sit up and take notice of what they had done. I hope they understand the gravity of the situation and make amends. If only they had touched base with me, instead of the cops, I would never have posted this and I would have forgotten about it in less time than it took to heat the food the other day.

      Finally, I told my friend, it was never about the 1365 rupees. It was about the attitude. Even today, I told her, I was still willing to pay for this, I have no problem with that... all I need is to meet the manager and try to understand the reason for his attitude. It would help if they got me the copy of the withdrawal of the police complaint!

      I may never visit Kipling again... but I hope the people who do, get better treatment and the management becomes more sensitive to customers. A little proactive action helps in the service industry.
      11 hours ago · 10150993273851776 10150993273851776"Un · 13
    • Sam Sharma 
      Interesting - just shows how much a manager can rule , if the owner stays away. 

      I was surprised at two sets of posts about Javed's at KNK Road. One praised it to the skies and the other pitted it in the dumps.Finally it appeared that Jave
      d had sold out and the new owner/manager was spreading false stories saying Javed had lost touch.

      I have learnt over a period of time to discount the mangers/captains version of things in round 1, especially when it is negative news. These personnel have a lot of power,given that as patrons we are flattered by them and an extra helping of souffle or biryani bonds us to them. Not to mention the magical appearance of a table when all is full and we are trying to impress relatives or friends. These personnel can be persuaded to use this power one way or the other... and by God they do so. 

      Comiing to this miserable manager here get us his phone number and all of us can call him. How many times will he go to the cops ? Give us Gomathy's number. Finally the number of the police inspector.

      Restaurants in Chennai have now become ridiculously overpriced in every market segment. But, to add insult to injury calls for a concerted reply. They may have the right to a high price, but they have a duty to customer service which does not mean telling lies and calling cops.When they forget duty but assault customers verbally or by action it is time ....
      10 hours ago · Edited · 10150993284696776 10150993284696776"Un · 4
      Agni Sharman Waiting to see this place go to dogs with the manager continuing... 
      Finally did they take the money from you...
      If they did... They lost the little left over respect too...
      10 hours ago via mobile · 0150993325216776 10150993325216776" · 2
    • Deepa Iyer I have to agree about the manager. He talks as if he is the know-all of the food business!
      10 hours ago · 0150993331561776 10150993331561776" · 1
    • Sam Sharma I have posted on Kipling Cafe FB page - the link Kamla Ravikumar gave. Pl follow and write your opinion. Interestingly when I post that link here I am getting a warning that I may be banned from posting in public - CFG owners , pl clarify.
      10 hours ago · 0150993333081776 10150993333081776"
      Agni Sharman WHAT CFG has owners... Thought itvis more of a community initiative where everone is a page owner and takes responsibility...
      10 hours ago via mobile · 0150993343166776 10150993343166776" · 1
    • Sam Sharma Oh well, founders of CFG then - the guys with admin rights to this group here ...but this here is serious. Going to let us stick to the topic.
      10 hours ago · Edited · 0150993347946776 10150993347946776" · 1
      Agni Sharman All that am bothered now is... Did they make you pay...
      10 hours ago via mobile · 0150993353166776 10150993353166776"
    • Sam Sharma Agni Sharman Why not post on their page ? We have nothing to lose but a visit to Kipling's :)
      10 hours ago · 0150993365671776 10150993365671776"
    • Munira Khasamwala Mr Harsha Koda, I really appreciate your patience with them. U have handled the matter with dignity. U truely deserve an apology from their entire team in writing n plz do insist for tht complaint withdrawl letter. Really hope this is a wake up call for Kiplings, shame & disgrace !
      10 hours ago · 10150993380826776 10150993380826776"Un · 3
      Agni Sharman Why bother to? U think they are not watching this post?
      10 hours ago via mobile · 0150993406461776 10150993406461776"
    • Sanjeeva Karunakar Can we share this post so that no one has to face this again?..let's cripple kipling!!!!!!!!
      10 hours ago · 10150993411046776 10150993411046776"Un · 1
    • Vinay Aravind Yeah, let's let everyone know that Kipling called the cops on a customer. Let's actually make a nice big bright image that says "Kipling called the cops on a customer" and Share it far and wide, what say? If enough people are game, I'll slap up the image :)
      9 hours ago · 10150993416551776 10150993416551776"Un · 7
    • Prathap Gandhi i'm game
      9 hours ago · 0150993418486776 10150993418486776"
    • Karthik Ganapathi 
      aktually not a rare kase . had an incident way bak at a veg place opp kamala theatre after watching king kong (that old). a waiter accidently poured hot water on a lady kustomer . the husband got angry and either slapped or held the waiters
       shirt . others from the restaurant kame and manhandled the husband and started abusing him. my friends (very young at that time) , started raising their voice against the management and kuestioning the way of handling the kustomer. The management got annoyed and kalled the kops on my friends and the man and his wife left the place without raising their voice again. after being taken by the kops they were let go after their parents were kontakted and a lawyer as well !!! they were given a warning , not to get influenced by movies and talk about rights :)
      9 hours ago · 0150993465831776 10150993465831776"
    • Mohamed Ali. M 
      Dear Harsha, 

      It's very unfortunate and terrible to hear what has happened to you. If this is the operators attitude in general am sure you will agree that they are heading towards the end. I also believe this has caused quite a damage to 
      their image and cheesed off many regulars and prospective clients. But this is snow balling into a large witch hunt and the negativity has become too much. If you are convinced they have had enough, I recommend you delete this thread and honestly let go of this bad experience. It will bring much deserved peace of mind and closure to this matter to you. I m so shocked that even ppl without experiencing a similar incident from the operator are all so riled up and there are Fs n Bs flying around the forum. If the operator is seeing the same and not doing much about it, I empathise with them, because it is quite frightening to face a angry mob who are getting agitated more and more - again not a reason to reach out and set things right. Please do take a call on your own accord. I thought knowing you for quite some time, I should share what I thought of the same. 

      7 hours ago via mobile · 0150993622781776 10150993622781776" · 1
    • Harsha Koda 
      Dear Mohamed,

      I never meant for my post to turn into a Kipling bashing... I was just sharing my experience.

      I appreciate the support from all the CFG folks. I agree that some of the reactions posted here are quite emotional and by people 
      who empathize (or sympathize) with me. I do echo your thoughts on the negativity becoming too much; I felt that the instant I read a few of the posts.

      Even in the beginning, though I was ready to let go of this bad experience to bring much deserved peace of mind, yet, neither 'the operator' nor anyone else empathized with me, only the people who have posted above have.

      I think there has been 'enough said' here.

      At the same time it would be unfair to erase this thread. However, if you want, I can shelve it on your request. I'm not going to post on this thread anymore... I request all my friends to let things be as they are.

      Though I very badly want to let go of this unfortunate experience, there is a nagging doubt at the back of my mind whether I would continue to be harassed by 'the operator' and the local authorities.

      I'm all for closure. But can there be closure when one has a complaint pending at a police station?

      As much as I do not like prolonging this, I am forced to, as the cop very clearly mentioned that a complaint was lodged by Kipling and in my defense, I do need a letter from them withdrawing the same... for safe-keeping :)
      6 hours ago · Edited · 0150993731211776 10150993731211776" · 1
    • Paul Devadoss I'm shocked someone suggests deleting a thread like this.
      6 hours ago · 10150993768631776 10150993768631776"Un · 1
    • Mohamed Ali. M 
      Thanks for your reply Harsha, really appreciate you taking the effort. As commendable as it is to see our brethren rise up against this, it is bewildering from an operators perspective. Please do all that is required to get the complaint ag
      ainst you set right. If the operator has indeed given a written complaint on you, then I guess it's their befall. Please carry on with what you should and may you find peace to put this horrid experience behind. Cheers!!!
      4 hours ago via mobile · 0150993875231776 10150993875231776"
    • Ahmed Razmi 
      Deleting such a thread is nothing wrong as it was suggested by none other than moderator of this group and its the best to maintain the sanctity of CFG. I m seeing lots of negative bashing in CFG recently. This was not like this during orku
      t days or even few years back in FB. Though what Harsha faced is unfortunate and should be dealt by the 2 parties. Accidents happen and thats life and no restaurant likes to dissatisfy their customer at any point of time and this is the main thing that should be considered. Anyone can complain to the concerned dept if they have a problem but we should develop certain etiquette in social medium. CFG will follow a neutral policy in all circumstances. We all have to understand and make it interesting. Too much of rubbish and negative things will spoil any forum or publication.. So i humbly request to make this forum a better place. Complaints can be accepted but it will be based on how serious it is. I mean really serious and not petty issues.
      4 hours ago · "
    • Sam Sharma 
      Dear Mr Koda 

      The facts back you up. Nobody has posted facts to the contrary. Not knowing you and seeing the upsurge of messages, I support you. I even posted a query on Kipling Cafe's facebook page. 

      Thus, I think you will agree that yo
      u have made your point. You have support from CFG as also I am sure from your own family and friends. You will now have to take a call on closure. 

      The only two things you can now do is a) report this to a newspaper(s) and you can quote the case filed against you so that they take notice b) file a counter case with your lawyer and ensure that you are protected. 

      Finally, to end this , you will have to pay up. You have made your point and the only way this case can be closed from a police and legal standpoint is that the amount due is paid up. The owner of the restaurant is sticking to his guns and legally you have to pay up since you accepted the goods. Morally you have made your point. 

      Visit the police station with family and friends. They will have to call the manager and owner. You have your opportunity to speak. Do so and finish it off. 

      It might take you a little more time to "cool" down and achieve peace of mind and think of closing the issue. So be it. 

      We walk along the highway of life and encounter rocks occasionally. One may struggle with the rock and once it is loose , time to remove it from the highway of your life and march on. 

      Do end this at the earliest for your own peace of mind. 


      PS - If mainstream newspapers do not entertain this ; do consider community newspapers. They can be invited to the police station if you wish to report this. If you do not wish to report it, then let it be.
    • Sam Sharma 
      To quote " As much as I do not like prolonging this, I am forced to, as the cop very clearly mentioned that a complaint was lodged by Kipling and in my defense, I do need a letter from them withdrawing the same... for safe-keeping :)" 

      I h
      ope, Mr Koda you like my suggestion of going to the police station and paying up in front of the inspector and getting a receipt for the same. Two birds killed with one stone.

      Do write one post Mr Koda, on how this ends. Thanks. We all empathize. It could happen to us...
      2 hours ago · Edited · 
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  Quote agnisharman Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19 August 2012 at 4:37am
  • Agni Sharman Dear Mohamed Ali. M and Nishanth Radhakrishnan
    Harsha Koda is a very good friend and is not a criminal to go to the police. He is a well known person in the city and Kipling thought he will run away with their 1000 rupees?

    I wonder since when did Chennai police become collection agents forKipling Chennai...

    He deserves a public apology from Kipling Cafe and proof of withdrawal of police complaint made...

    Also CFG must not ask him to delete the thread, it will be make you guys look biased... (hope you guys are not getting threatened through Neealkarai police inspector )

    I am sure you guys know Kipling better... you must be talking to them saying this bad this is happening... better do something...


    By the way... I was the only one who used the F letter word in this whole thread and you guys deleted it without warning, please dont blame the others... hurts me a lot to learn just because I used the F letter word you are blaming everyone else... 

    I look like the bad auto driver who brought bad name for the entire auto stand ...

    Also Re-published the entire conversation at the link below... just in case this thread gets deleted some day...

    You are welcome to discuss anything and everything related to Kerala, Malayalam and Malayalees
  • Paul Devadoss Calling the cops on you in India is a serious issue. If this forum doesn't support a user on such a serious issue, it seems pointless as a 'community'. Even as this issue is going on, people are still sharing positive stories all around about other places. So I don't think this this issue is vitiating everyone's opinions on everything. Just as there are guides to visit places, it is fair that we leave this thread on record. Otherwise, it is a disservice to the community that comes here to contribute and share. If the user wants to settle his issue with the restaurant, that's his choice. Leaving this on record I think is a moderators obligation to the community, not choice.
    11 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1
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Wonder What happened later...
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Update from Harsha Koda

Ok Folks... here is the update on the Curious case of Kipling

After several failed attempts at reaching out to Gomathy, Kipling, and the 'cop' I realized that was useless to spend time on this.

I decided to send them a Cheque for Rs. 1365 by RPAD (Regd. Post Ack. Due) with a detailed letter to Gomathy and be done with it. They apparently did not want to talk to me and were not interested in setting things right. This was not 'closure' but this was the best I could do.

Gomathy, acknowledged the receipt of the cheque by sms that read: "Hi harsha, recd the chq payment. thanku for the feedback. wl address the issue with my staff. regards.gomathi"

However, repeated inquiries about the 'police complaint' did not yield any responses from her. 

They have en-cashed my cheque.

update from the link

My Reply

Dear Kipling Chennai

Shame on the brand Kipling Cafe for not apologizing.

I promise to myself that I will never ever again drop in, refer friends nor attend any get together or party there.

I am taking you off my Friends list and banning your page from my pages too

Good bye for ever!
Sharman (agni)
Sharman's Cab Company, Chennai

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Simply Malayalee

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For the record Sake, i am posting the original here...

  • Harsha Koda 
    Ok Folks... here is the update on the Curious case of Kipling

    After several failed attempts at reaching out to Gomathy, Kipling, and the 'cop' I realized that was useless to spend time on this.

    I decided to send them a Cheque for Rs. 1365...See More
    September 3 at 1:11pm ·  10151021793601776 10151021793601776 · 7
  • Vinay Aravind And here I was hoping fervently that they'd realise they'd messed up and try and make good for it. Mostly because I love their food and my palate hates the idea of having to boycott them, but with this it's confirmed. Never going to Kipling Cafe again. They've lost one fan, and several more I am sure.
    September 3 at 1:17pm · -: 1015099152805677610151021796641776 · 3
    Agni Sharman 
    Dear Kipling Chennai

    Shame on the brand Kipling Cafe for not apologizing.

    I promise to myself that I will never ever again drop in, refer friends nor attend any get together or party there.
    ...See More
    September 3 at 1:20pm · -: 1015099152805677610151021797741776  · 6
  • September 3 at 1:31pm ·  10151021803166776 10151021803166776 · 1
  • Nagarajan Natarajan 
    One Mr Kishore was(is) a joint owner of this place. I met him couple of years back through a mutual friend and from that one hour I spent with him, he sounded very genuine and modest. We actually met at the beach in the lane parallel to kip...See More
    September 3 at 1:44pm ·  10151021808801776 · 1
    Agni Sharman is owned by

    K.Madhu Venkat
    No.4/6,G-3,Block -A,Stonelink Avenue
    Canal Bank Road, Chennai, TN 600028. India
    ...See More
    September 3 at 2:01pm · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151021821701776 10151021821701776
    Agni Sharman K Madhu Venkat confirmed Mz.Gomathi is the owner via reply SMS

    September 3 at 2:18pm · -: 1015099152805677610151021832151776 10151021832151776

  • Kamla Ravikumar Gomathy has always been the first owner even when she ran it as a lifestyle store in Nandanam and earlier in Kalakshetra colony..The cafe was started recently in the new premises along with another partner.
    September 3 at 2:25pm · -: 1015099152805677610151021835746776 10151021835746776
  • Rashmi Raman The other partner's name is Mamthi ....
    September 3 at 2:30pm via mobile ·  10151021838226776 10151021838226776 · 1
  • Kamla Ravikumar Their website says the two partners are Gomathy Subramaniam and Patrick Davenport....
    September 3 at 2:36pm · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151021840766776 10151021840766776
  • Rashmi Raman Lol maybe Gomathy gav herself a nickname Mamthi cause she was with her guests in the shack nxt to ours and when her guests left she came and introduced herself as Mamthi and as the owner of the place ....
    September 3 at 3:16pm via mobile · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151021873291776 10151021873291776
  • Sam Sharma Harsha Koda - why did you not go to the police station and have the Inspector invite Gomathy ?
    September 3 at 3:09pm ·  10151021879136776 10151021879136776 · 2
  • Sam Sharma This is a sick joint which feeds off expats ; ignores Indians ; why waste money on them ? They may not be overly racist...but would they have behaved this way with an expat ? NO WAY
    September 3 at 3:26pm · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151021885711776 10151021885711776· 2
    Agni Sharman ‎70% of their clients are expats says gomathy in one of her earlier interviews in The Hindu and DC. 
    No wonder gomathy did not reepond to us all
    September 3 at 4:54pm via mobile · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151021931656776 10151021931656776
  • Vinay Aravind Now the question is, how do we let the expat community know what their favourite restaurant is up to? We need to make sure this kind of conduct hits their bottomline. It's the only way they'll realise that they can't afford to do this. Anyone have any ideas for reaching out to the expat community in Chennai with this information?
    September 3 at 5:04pm · -: 1015099152805677610151021938386776 10151021938386776· 3
  • Bharat Somani 
    I think even though Kipling Chennai has not responded, they have surely got the message. If they can make mends, hearing by the review of the place, we should give them a chance.

    If they repeat this, then I think we should not leave any st...See More
    September 3 at 5:12pm · -: 1015099152805677610151021942441776 10151021942441776
  • Sam Sharma 
    The expats from Neelangarai upto Besant Nagar should be regulars. How to reach them ? Report in a community newspaper ? Report in the Hindu ? I had suggested this earlier...

    It is all good about giving them a second chance, but I think ev...See More
    September 3 at 5:23pm · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151021944776776 10151021944776776
  • Shriram Costlow 
    Mr. Koda Thank you for updating us. I sincerely empathize with you. It has been a terrible terrible experience for you. I hope that you do not have to go through similar experience anywhere again. 

    Getting the police involved is low as low...See More
    September 3 at 5:48pm · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151021959126776 10151021959126776· 1
  • Ravi Shankar A Nagarajan forgive me for the intrusion-it exhibits the honesty of HARSHA - but in general KIPLING does not seem to be bothered at all; i repeat myself-if harsha can just give me the name/or the number of the IoP,believe me at one single stroke we can take both KIPLING and the cop to task - we cannot permit this to happen to someone else-we must remember that NOT EVERYONE is on this page!!!
    September 3 at 7:07pm · -: 1015099152805677610151022018291776 10151022018291776· 2
  • Ravi Shankar A Nagarajan i am a normal person like most people are-my only problem is that i am very assertive - never crossing the line from assertiveness to arrogance.i have posted the entire link to JCP(S),by mail as an attachment.his ,mail id is have not interacted with him in person as yet,but i have experienced his decency in responding to communications-IMMEDIATELY.
    September 3 at 7:26pm · -: 1015099152805677610151022035391776 10151022035391776
  • Ravi Shankar A Nagarajan 
    Respected Sir,

    your reputation as an excellent officer precedes you,especially in terms of abuse of power by your subordinate limited experience with yourself in an issue on an RTI petition only confimrs what i have heard.

    th...See More
    September 3 at 8:14pm ·  10151022082121776 10151022082121776 · 11
  • Siddarth Harsha I think if an individual had a bad experience, they know what course of action to be taken. In my experience, people in this group are erudite enough to take decisions for themselves. I remember Divyan George Varghese's post on the iron-rich Onam sadya. 

    A stranger trying to help you and being very vocal about her / his actions... I wonder...
    Wednesday at 5:31pm · -: 1015099152805677610151024648171776 10151024648171776· 2
    Agni Sharman dear Siddarth Harsha, Would you have been as patient or act cool if the neelangarai police called you for non payment of bill ans mention you as a theif who ran away with the food? More over Mr.Koda is not just some individual. I am sure he is more popular than the restaurant itself to run away with their 1000 rupees
    Yesterday at 8:59am via mobile · -: 1015099152805677610151025640221776 10151025640221776· 1
  • Nabarun Ghosh Siddarth Harsha : I agree with you. Except in this case Harsha Koda is not just an Individual. He is a Dear Friend who is not a criminal. Hence as a duty, we friends will support him in this cause. Otherwise what are friends for? Just to pick up the tab or also to be there during the bad ?
    Yesterday at 9:05am ·  10151025646356776 10151025646356776 · 5
  • Siddarth Harsha Agni Sharman : I've not said anything about Mr Koda's actions here. As a matter of fact, he is well within his rights to complain.
    Yesterday at 9:58am · -: 1015099152805677610151025698261776 10151025698261776
  • Siddarth Harsha Nabarun Ghosh : Friends are present for a reason. I agree with your point in supporting him. 

    As I said in my earlier post, a stranger being vocal and extra friendly? Hmmm...
    Yesterday at 10:03am · -: 1015099152805677610151025704326776 10151025704326776
  • Shriram Costlow 
    My two cents. This is not some sort of a personal action. This is a forum for food and food related experiences. Mr. Koda as a member of this forum shared his experience at a well known restaurant and it has generated a discussion. As with...See More
    Yesterday at 10:15am · Edited ·  10151025711701776 10151025711701776 · 10
  • Nabarun Ghosh Shriram Costlow : your two cents certainly proved valuable . That too with the present dollar rate :-) well said . Appreciate .
    Yesterday at 10:21am via mobile ·  10151025716316776 10151025716316776 · 5
  • Siddarth Harsha Caveat Emptor it is then. Don't tell me I didn't warn you =)
    23 hours ago · -: 1015099152805677610151025838841776 10151025838841776
  • Shriram Costlow I fail to see what you are saying here Mr. Harsha. What are you warning us about? It is always the case of buyers having to be aware. That is what this forum is doing. Letting buyers know what they are facing, before buying.
    22 hours ago ·  10151025840506776 10151025840506776 · 4
    20 hours ago · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151025931131776 10151025931131776
  • Abhilash Ns An update.. I happened to meet the inspector of neelangarai , (transferred to madipakkam last week) mr. Devaraj.. He's totally unaware of the events.. And claims he never made any calls or received any such complaint. Guess Harsha received a bogus call..
    14 hours ago via mobile ·  10151026241336776 10151026241336776 · 7
  • Sam Sharma 
    Harsha Koda - do you have the number of the incoming call , claiming to be the inspector ? The inspector could also be in a "silence is best" mode now Abhilash Ns . What is true ? Yes, you can now file a case if the phone came from the rest...See More
    4 hours ago · Edited ·  10151026283416776 10151026283416776 · 3
  • Harsha Koda Call was at 22:10 on 17 Aug 2012 from 9840190505
    about an hour ago ·  10151026942681776 10151026942681776 · 2
    Agni Sharman This phone belongs to : "Inspector Devaraj"
    Reg. with address as : "Commisioner office,Egmore, Chennai"

    Abhilash Ns, Ins. Devaraj was lieing to you
    57 minutes ago · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151026963676776 10151026963676776· 2
    Agni Sharman Nenjam Porukale.... Wrote to the JCP. Copy of the email...

    ______________________________________________________ 12:38 PM (0 minutes ago)
    to jcpsouth 

    Dear Sir,

    Seasons Greetings!

    Please do not consider this as a official complaint.
    It is more on a personal note to bring to your notice an incident that recently happened in a city restaurant. Unfortunately to a friend of mine.

    It is very hurting to learn a Police Inspector (Mr.Devaraj) acted as collection agent for a hotel in ECR. Deeply hurt to learn he called from his official phone to ask him to pay up or face legal action. 

    I am sure you will agree, this kind of act will only further give a wrong impression of the city police officials 

    The complete sequence of what happened is attached to you as a HTML file. The original discussion is as at

    I am really surprised that there has no initiative from the crime branch to connect to the general public to make them feel "Policemen are friends" whom we can open up to.

    Even more alarming and disturbing is the fact that one cannot openly tip of our crime branch of any illegal activity in their neighborhood fearing if the police will put them in trouble.

    Many including me are thank full and happy with Additional CoP Mr.Sanjay Arora (of CCTP) initiatives doing a wonderful job, exposing their people friendliness to the general public.

    I hope some day even our Crime branch will stand up to notice that the general public can be more useful than secret informers, unless the Commissioners of Police do not want it to be so.

    Thank you.
    Sharman (agni)
    +91 98411 97 666
    24 minutes ago · Edited · -: 1015099152805677610151027000176776 10151027000176776· 1
  • Nagarajan Natarajan Its police business and if he remembers his training properly, he should not talk abt the case to anyone. So its possible that he pretended to not know about this event.
    24 minutes ago · < style=>Unlike</> · 1
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